Stamped Concrete

Would you like a stone covered pool deck? Have you ever thought about having a cobblestone driveway? You would be crazy to try to have hardwood floor on your front porch or deck, right? You can have ALL these things and have them at a fraction of the price! Stamped Concrete is the way to go. A little more work intensive but well worth the end result Stamped concrete works just like any other concrete pour with just a few extra steps.

We, of course, make sure the area is properly prepped for the concrete to be poured. We then pour the concrete adding whatever topical finish you want. Add stain for visual effect. Rubber mats are laid down on the wet concrete to create an impression of your choice (stone, brick, hardwood, mosaic, etc.,). We work in sections until done. Apply addition stain for deepening visual effect and then seal. Sounds like a lot of work and it is, however the end result of stamped concrete is AMAZING!

A little more work intensive but well worth the end result

Stamped Concrete

Pre-Stamp Planning

Versatility is the best thing about stamped concrete. Aside from the wide range of designs that can be done with it, other techniques such as staining and scoring can also be used to enhance its look. Budget friendly, Stamped Concrete is far more cost effective than pavers or bricks. You can have that “reclaimed wood” look for your patio at pennies on the dollar. Over time, pavers, bricks, and stones can become trip hazards. Literally, they become stumbling blocks if you will pardon the pun. You have to watch for pieces that become loose and uneven. Some grow grass and weeds in between them. Stamped Concrete is one cohesive slab. It would be a regular patio if it didn’t have the LOOK of an English cobblestone walkway. Stamp Concrete Also offers extremely low maintenance. Dependent on the amount of traffic, your surface will a sealer put on it every couple of years.