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The Concrete Connection, Contractor Referral, Gardendale, AL

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In Greek Mythology, Atlas’ job was to hold the celestial spheres… never the earth. Holding earth in place is the job of a good retaining wall. The Concrete Connection can tame a hillside for you or simply set you up a fantastic place for a court yard or garden. Retaining walls are just a small part of the myriad of landscaping jobs we specialize in.


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Ever hear the phrase, “Don’t like the weather in Alabama? Wait FIVE minutes!” During the summer we have a thunderstorm just about every afternoon. If you have a large open expanse of land you will be subject mudslides and erosion. We are here to help. Retaining walls can help with erosion control keeping dirt and mud where they are supposed to be but the type of retainer wall you choose depends on what you are trying to hold back while maintaining a good, clean aesthetic look.

Concrete Connection was rated the best concrete contractor in AL for 2018!

Wall Types

Cross Tie

Creosote treated to last for years, cross ties make a great addition to any yard as a retaining wall. These are the things railroads are made of… literally! We prep the land, and stack them to suit your needs.


Block Retaining Walls come in all kinds of forms. There are pin systems, hollow block systems, solid block systems. We could go into the technical details if you like but the bottom line is your budget and The Concrete Connection is here to help you pick a system that fits your needs AND your budget.


The name says it all. We are The Concrete Connection. Naturally we would do concrete retaining wall. Whether it’s damming up a creek or terracing the steep slopes of the mountain you live on concrete retaining walls are a way to keep the environmental impact low as well as your budget while maintaining a smooth cohesive look.

Landscaping near Birmingham, Alabama

We got our start in the early 1990’s landscaping with the installation of a simple retaining wall made from railroad ties. We have said this before the biggest part of any concrete or asphalt job is the preparation. If you are adding onto a driveway or putting in a parking lot chances are the lay of the land is about to change. Many times your landscape is going to change drastically. Again we are there to ensure that you have a product that you are happy with.

Many companies don’t concern themselves with water runoff or clearing of land and brush. This is one of the area’s we pride ourselves on. Whether we are just removing a tree or two or grading out a hill for a tennis court we take care of it all.

Bobcat Work

After we purchased our first Bobcat our first just was some land clearing. Our owner/operator, Curtis, is one of the most experienced Bobcat operators around and has been doing work with major construction companies for years.

We stand on a lot of dirt on this planet. Sometimes that dirt gets in places we don’t want so we move it from one place to another. We do that with a Bobcat. Bobcats (the machines, not the animals) are small enough to get into most residential areas and get some major work done. We can even out driveways, grade out hills, install french drains and fix other drainage issues.